Watch winder, also known as automatic watch winder or automatic watch winder box, which usually refers to a watch box with a motor for automatic winding of high-end mechanical watches. You can also call watch winder as automatic winding watch box, automatic winding motor watch box, motor box.

When your timepiece stops, you must reset time and wind up your watch. If it has additional functions (like date, moon-phase display, perpetual calendar), resetting them may take a lot of time and require certain skills. With Xtelary automatic watch winder, you can keep your timepiece wound and ready to go!

At this point, you may find yourself asking, “if automatic watches wind themselves…why would I need an automatic watch winder?”

That’s a good question, and the answer comes down to how often you wear your automatic watch. If you wear it all the time, every single day, you may not need a winder. But suppose you occasionally take off your automatic watch and set it down, whether to switch to a different watch in your collection or to go watch-free for a couple of days (we don’t know how anybody can do that but to each their own)? In that case, you might find yourself with a problem.

I would say that having one of these tools would be a perfect idea if you have multiple automatic watches. In this case, I understand how intricate it would be to take care of each watch if you have dozens of them. Despite that reason, there are other things that need to be considered as the most important — watch services.

Even though the watch is put safely inside a watch winder, it is essential to keep up with the regular services. This maintenance is an effective way to check whether the watch is still doing well. There is no point in putting a timepiece in a winder box if you ignore the watch services. As an example, you have had your watch since four or five years ago and that is the period when you need to bring it for a service. Instead of doing the right task, you just lay it down and make the gears and pivots keep winding.

That’s where the Xtelary watch winder comes in.