1. The watch winder cannot wind a watch that is fully stopped. So, you need to go ahead and manually wind the timepiece to get it running. Make sure your watch is running properly before putting it in the winder.
2.. Set the accurate winder mode according to your watch's Manufacturer, if not know that, TPD1000(or Mode 4 )is suitable for most automatic watches.
3. Better to stop for half a day if the watch winder keeps working for 15 days in order to maintain the motor’s life.
4. Highly recommend to use the AC adaptor instead of the battery as the power and current for the battery will be not stable due to long time use.
5. Turn off the watch winder before putting the watch inside, do not stop the rotator by manually, or it will decrease the motor’s life.

  • Now it’s time to carefully place the watch in the watch winder.
  • Remove the cuff and make sure that the timepiece is securely situated on the cuff.
  • You will want to filp the cuff over,compress the foam and clasp the timepiece securely on the cuff.
  • Next, what you want to do is put the cuff inside of the watch winder
  • Finally turn on the watch winder.


Even the vintage things can last long, so why not yours? From the beginning,
you should live up believing that your watch winder will grow old with you.
Having that kind of mindset makes you more inclined to doing regular healthy
practices to your watch winders.
An important part of any automatic watch winder maintenance tips guide
is preventive care and maintenance. Here are more awesome watch winder
care tips to prevent your watch winder (DO'S AND DON'TS) from any harm and to maintain it in good condition for years.


Appearance maintenance:
1 Do not scratch and insert sharp and hard objects
2. Do Keep it in a dry place
3. Do not expose to sun
4. Do not place it together with magnetic appliances
5. Do Use Pledge cleaner to clean the glass and wooden surface to keep it in good

Maintenance of the electronic parts:
1. Do not plug and unplug the power adaptor frequently.
2. Do not use other brands of power adaptor.
3. Do not use the power supply and battery at the same time.

How to remove and put the cuff inside?
1. Do not stop the turntable manually;
2. Do wind your timepiece manually for several circles before put it inside XTELARY watch winder;
3. Do turn off the power switch when you want to take it out and put it inside your watch from the winder. You can also use the automatic stop switch to stop the winder.


They say that if you love what you are doing, you will never get tired of doing it repeatedly. Taking good care of your watch winder and maintaining its perfect working conditions are repetitive and delicate. Yet in the end you get to understandthe point ‒ an automatic watch winder, it may seem, is still a machine. It needs care and it needs you.